Fence Swing Gate Opener

Protecting your properties, possessions and the people around you is a great need for every individual. That desire may be achieved with the help of a high quality fence swing gate opener. This will avoid unwanted visitors, intruders and people who have bad intention. But it will neve

Laboratory Hermetic Sliding Door

If you are working in an environment like operating room, laboratories, industrial environments and others, safety is a top concern. You have to keep in mind that hazardous material and chemicals are available in laboratories. As much as possible, cleanliness and safety should be prac

Radiation Shielded Doors

Have you ever heard of radiation shielded doors? If you have been to a hospital or clinic, it is for surely you have already seen this door. To better protect the health of medical staff and clients, these doors were created.   RADIATION SHIELDED DOORS TECHNICAL DATA: Door s

Single-gate Automatic Gate Opener

Gate provides premium protection to every property. However, gates can be too inconvenient most especially if the weather gets harsh and if you have too many visitors. You can simplify this inconvenience through installing a single-gate automatic gate opener. Your gate can be controll