Infrared Photo Cell

infrared photo cell used in automatic gate system,The necessary component for automatic door system . This type is with high sensitivity. And it's the most popular type in the market. We are professional automatic door/gate Photocell manufacturer and factory in China. We can

microwave sensor

Microwave sensor is also called automatic door radar, gives signal to the control board for opening the door for detect the pedestrian's movement. It is popular used in the automatic door systems, TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Technology:  Microwave and Microprocessor Pr

passive infrared sensor

The Passive infrared sensor is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most popular used in the automatic swing door systems. It induces the movement of human body only. As long as

foot sensor

Foot sensor, or Pedal inductive switch is the always used as the hand free automatic door system access sensors. Detection mode: when feet is detected, beam will be cut off and thereby trigger the signal for door opening. • Adopt microcomputer control with exq

safety beam

We are professional Chinese automatic door manufacturer,providi all kinds of automatic door beam are widely used with automatic sliiding door,it is be used for the security detection of automatic door system. Technical specification: Supply power

backup battery

Keep operating 400 times when power off, With an adapter for Prolong battery service life. 1) Nominal voltage: 12V 2) Nominal capacity: 1.3Ah 3) Total height: 100mm 4) Dimensions (L x W x H): 152 x 65 x 95mm 5) Weight: 2.30kg Features: 1) Maintenance-free operation 2) Long service lif

electric lock

                          This electric lock is with fail-safe design which operate with DC 12V voltage. It is Easy to set the delay time according to the needs of users Which can avoid the door locked before p

magnetic lock for swing doors

Suit for automatic swing doors, make your doors more security. Easy installation. Provide with bracket for installation. Technical data: Input Voltage 12DC/(24VD) Operation current 12V/480mA 24V/240mA Holding force 280Kg(600Lbs) Operation temperature -20°c- 55°c Operation

magnetic lock for automatic sliding doors

Magnetic/electromagnetic  lock for automatic sliding doors.This kind of lock is easy to install and safe,cheap and high quality.Provide with bracket for installation. Input Voltage 12DC/(24VD) Operation current 12V/170mA 24V Holding force 70Kg(150Lbs) Operation temperature -

five functions selector

The product is designed for meeting the control requirements of customer for the automatic door operators in different time section. It is in small volume and easily fastened. The product can able to realize the switch of five working states of fully locking, fully opening, semi openi