Laboratory Hermetic Sliding Door

If you are working in an environment like operating room, laboratories, industrial environments and others, safety is a top concern. You have to keep in mind that hazardous material and chemicals are available in laboratories. As much as possible, cleanliness and safety should be prac

Radiation Shielded Doors

Have you ever heard of radiation shielded doors? If you have been to a hospital or clinic, it is for surely you have already seen this door. To better protect the health of medical staff and clients, these doors were created.   RADIATION SHIELDED DOORS TECHNICAL DATA: Door s

Automatic Sliding Hermetic Door

Today, the technology makes the people very dependent in their products. Maybe you are one of the people who are dependent to the different devices offered by advanced technology. Electricity is responsible for providing the life of these devices to function well and make it operate.

Automatic Operating Room Door

Imagine a hospital without doors specifically the operating room, what do you imagine? What will you feel? It is very unhygienic and very unsanitary if this certain place will not be enclosed by a door. The basic use of a door especially in hospitals is to help in isolating cases that