Electric Door Opener For Interior Door

Do you want to have a door will automatically open just for you and for your family without exerting more effort just to operate it.  If you want to have a door that will meet your standards and you will be sure that this is reliable and safe, electric door opener for interior door is the one you are looking for.

electric interior swing door opener

The simplicity of this electric door opener for interior door will amaze the user because it will be the beauty of this product. You just need zero effort in operating this electric door opener for interior door while opening and closing this door, it is ideal in commercial or home use. The system of this door opener can be mounted to any kind of interior doors even if it is hollow or solid and it can operate the door with 42 inches wide and 100 pounds in weight. It can be programmed with the use of keypad or remote control that you can put password for the privacy and security and when you pressed it will automatically open. It can also be programmed with the use of motion sensor or wall mounted push buttons, from these you can choose the type of program that you like to use.

electric interior sliding door opener

This Electric interior door opener is also great for those who are disabled that are using wheelchairs, scooter or walker because they can easily get in and out without moving the door knob and the family members will not struggle anymore in opening the door. There is no risk in opening the door if you lose your balance and there is no struggle in closing it.

The door opener has four modes with the four button transmitters that you can be used in operating this. Toggle operation is using the one button in operating this door opener it means that only one button that is programmed that is intended for opening and closing the door depending to its current position. When you choose the open or close operation it means that there are two remote buttons that is intended only for opening and the other button is for closing but if you have two doors set up it can control the two doors with one remote.  There is also timer operation that is programmed to close the door automatically after 10-50 seconds with the interval of ten seconds but you can adjust it based from the time that you want.

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