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Electric lock













This electric lock is with fail-safe design which operate with DC 12V voltage. It is Easy to set the delay time according to the needs of users Which can avoid the door locked before people entering in.

Technical specification:

Operate power:  DC 12V
Red wire:  positive (+) connection
Black wire:  Negative (-) connection
Operate current:  start 0.9A, standby 0.09A
Delay time:  0~9s, adjustable
Size of decoration plate:  2100mm*42mm*0.8mmD
Size of plate: 200mm*34mm*3mmD
Size of magnetic base:  90mm*24mm*3mmD
Accessory:  Extending bracket(2pcs)

Magnetic base(1pcs) installing bracket (1pcs)
M5*10mmL screw (4pcs)
M4*10mmL screw (4pcs)

Note: 1. Please keep it away from the moist place and water.
2. The voltage of power supply should be from DC12V~12.8V
3. The size of plate is 200mm long as standard configureation.

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