foot sensor

Foot sensor

Foot sensor, or Pedal inductive switch is the always used as the hand free automatic door system access sensors. Detection mode: when feet is detected, beam will be cut off and thereby trigger the signal for door opening.

• Adopt microcomputer control with exquisite design of stainless steel wire cover.

• Easy installation, stable performance and excellent capacity of anti-interference;

• Widely be used in the operating room of hospital and laboratory to prevent hand pollution.

• Active infrared ray of modulation-demodulation controlled by microcomputer.

Technical measures Active infrared ray of modulation and demodulation
Recommended installation height 0.3m height from the ground
Detection mode Truncation of infrared ray by foot operated to produce the open signal




Technical Data:

Reaction time relay output  ≤45ms
Supply power  AC/DC 12-36V
Power consumption  82mA
Supervisory signal  4.5S MA
Operation temperature  -20°C- +55°C
Interference immunity Sunlight  81000LUX
Incandescent lamp  36000LUX
Electronic Microwave Consistent  with 89/336/CEE criteria
Output signal Relay  NO signal contact
Appearance dimensions:
123(L)x50(W)x32(H)mm (Main controller)
19mmx13mm(Electric eyes)
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