functions key switch

Functions key selector

The functions key switch has five slectors which are Fully locking,Fully opening,Semi opening,Semi opening,Automation.

Technical Data:
Supply power: AC/DC 12V-36V
Dimension: 92× 2×24mm(Panel)

Details for the five function:

Fully locking: internal and external probe induction are invalid and the access panel of external door is also invalid; the electric lock will be automatically closed; the staff inside and outside are totally unable to enter. Use during the night or festival for theft proof locking.

Fully opening: the internal and external probes and the access operator are invalid. The automatic swing door is kept in fully opened without being closed. Use during transportation, temporary ventilation and emergency case.

Semi opening: the internal and external probe inductions are valid but the inductive door is only to be opened to one half of the stated position and closed consequentially. Use during the normal business working period (energy conservation) (Note: the automatic door is of the semi opening function).

One way: the external probe induction is invalid and the electric lock is automatically on; the internal probe is valid but the staff outside can able to exit but no entrance. One way for exit or entrance (the external access panel is valid and the staffs inside can enter by card). Use for clearing before coming off duty.

Automation: the internal and external probe induction are valid; use during the normal business working period.

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