hand sensor switch

Hand sensor switch

It is Suit for all kinds of automatic swing doors and sliding doors, very easy to intall and has reliable quality. High-sensitivity infrared tubes, quick response for door opening.You can just touch your hand on the switch,then the door will open.

Using infrared modem, to avoid interfere signal.
Non-contact induction by hand or reflecting object, clean and sanitation.
Adjustable induct from 1-15cm, could be setting according to difference occasion.
Low power consumption, long using life.
Import high sensitivity infrared component, to make sure induct in time.
Covert hole fixed for front side, easy wiring installation, technological design.
With relay dry contact output, convenience for the connection with kinds of access control facility.
With inductive lighting indication.

Technical specification:
Power supply: AC/DC 12V-36V
Static current: 62mA
Action current: 115mA
Transmit distance: 1~15cm adjustable
Operation Frequency: 38KHZ
Environment humidity: 10-90%RH
Dimensions: 113mm(L)x63mm(W)x20mm(H)
Fixed way: The hidden screw fixed

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