microwave sensor

Microwave sensor

Microwave sensor is also called automatic door radar, gives signal to the control board for opening the door for detect the pedestrian's movement. It is popular used in the automatic door systems,


Technology:  Microwave and Microprocessor
Principle: Doppler shift phenomenon
Transmitting frequency: 24.125 Ghz
Frequency density:  <<5mW/cm2
Mounting height:  MAX 4m
Radiation angle: horizontal: 120°, vertical: 80°
Detection area(standard data): 4m(width)x3m(deep)
Detection mode: motion.
Minimum detection speed: 5cm/s (test along the antennae coordinates)
Detection zone adjustment:  Adjust the antenna angle.
Sensitivity adjustment:  Adjust the potentiometer
Operating Temperature: -10°C~+55°C
Anti-Interference: EMC comply with the 89/336EEC standard.
Power supply: 12-24V AC or DC.
Power supply frequency: (50-60)Hz.
Power consumption: <2W.
Output: Standard relay output.
Maximum contacts voltage AC220V DC 28V.
Maximum contacts current: 1A.
Output hold time: 1Sec


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