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Hotel Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

The Hotel Automatic Glass Sliding Doors are made to provide flexibility and convenience to the people of the hotel. Their main function is to automatically open without requiring a person to touch them. There are various types of Hotel Automatic Glass Sliding Doors that can best fit y

Electric Swing Door Actuator

When buying an electric door actuator, the initial thing you need to do is to identify a realistic price variation for an operator in accordance with your budget. The next thing should analyze is the condition of your swing door and determine whether you need a swing door actuator ope

Bi-parting Exterior Glass Door

The bi-parting exterior glass door is a good choice for the exterior part of private and public buildings. This glass door is made up of aluminum and stainless steel. All the aluminum components of such door are covered with the RAL color. This type of automatic sliding door has windo

Infrared Automatic Sliding Door

One of the types of sliding doors that are often using the infrared sensor is the infrared automatic sliding door. It is considered to be the special feature of such sliding door. The main purpose of this is to prevent heavy traffic flows whenever people are hurrying to perform their

Double Swing Automatic Door Opener

There are many electronic devices and gadgets offered and available in the market. Technology made the use of the door more advanced like the double swing automatic door opener. Double swing automatic door opener can be one of the best door openers that you can use in your home or com

Automatic Sliding Hermetic Door

Today, the technology makes the people very dependent in their products. Maybe you are one of the people who are dependent to the different devices offered by advanced technology. Electricity is responsible for providing the life of these devices to function well and make it operate.

Commercial Handicap Door Opener

In terms of business your first priority is the security of your customers who are going in and out in your shop or stores. Surely, not all your customers are normal there are still number of disabled or person with a handicap who are still your costumers and you must take considerati

Automatic Sliding Door Operator

Door is the part of the any building or house that you usually use. It will give you security as well as privacy. Automatic sliding door operator will be one of the solutions for today’s requirement for living. It will provide you comfort to you and to the other person who is us

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