Switch for the Disabled

washroom disabled switch

Automatic washroom switch for the disabled,it is widely use in the toilet and washroom and brings a lot of convenient to the disabled.

Technical Data:
Operating voltage: AC/DC 12~36V
Controller size: 142(L)x58(W)x40(H)mm
Panel Size: 60(L)x120(W)x15(H)mm

Working procedure:
Before entering, press the button: "Open", the automatic door opens with the voice prompt of "Open the door".

After entering the washroom, press the lock button of inner panel, door close with voice prompt" Close the door".

Door cannot be opened until the user press "open" button of inner panel.

It is ususlly connected with a swing door opener.

Switch is the core of access control technology. You can choose wire or wireless switch according with your requirements.

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